Items needed - Miter box and saw, #61 and #64 drill bits           Cut 3/32" Evergreen tube to approximately 1/16" in length

         with pin vise, 3/32" (.093) Evergreen tube, .035 Evergreen          in miter box (you will need two, one per end of radius

         rod, 1/16" K&S aluminum tubing, Pro Tech PTMC 26 Hex        rod/bar etc. used).



        Drill hole through side (one side only) of pieces cut with #64                 Cut .035 rod to approximately 1/4" in length.

        drill bit.




        Insert .035 rod into holes previously drilled in 3/32" tube             Cut and glue pieces of .035 rod onto mounting locations on

        making sure .035 rod does not extend into 3/32" tube                  frame etc. of car (painted silver here). Leave .035 rod extra

        opening (this opening will be used to mount heim joint to              long as heim joint along with hex fitting (PTMC 26) will be

        frame etc. of car) and glue in place.                                             installed onto these.




        Install hex fittings (PTMC 26) onto heim joints as shown              Cut 1/16" aluminum tubing to length needed taking into

        (do not glue) these will represent jam nuts.                                   account heim joints with hex fittings on both ends in final

                                                                                                           length of tubing needed. Drill out aluminum tubing with #61

                                                                                                           drill bit to accept .035 rod on heim joint (Tip - cut aluminum

                                                                                                           tubing a little longer than needed then file/sand ends to get

                                                                                                           final length).




                   Completed heim joints/radius rod assembly.




                             Completed model with heim joints/radius rods installed. Heim joints were painted a steel color.