Hello to All!


My name is Charlie, president of PRO TECH. As a modeler myself for over twenty five years, I started PRO TECH to offer high quality scale correct parts for the automotive (1/24 – 1/25 scale) and railroad (HO – N scale) modeler. Some of our products are new and innovative to the industry. For example, our braided line (PTMC 19 – PTMC 24) for the automotive modeler has been specially engineered by us to produce the most accurate looking braided line available. In addition, PRO TECH’s braided line is manufactured with a core so line will not collapse when bent at sharp angles. PRO TECH is also the innovator of the one-piece photoetch hood pin (PTMC 6) and a new design on our photoetch five point racing harness set (PTMC 17) allows the modeler to use high quality photoetch parts with the increased ease of installation that these parts provide.


For the railroad modeler, we manufacture a series of wayside railroad signals called True Scale Signals. These are high quality photoetch signals designed from real life railroad signal dimensions to produce a true scale appearance. These signals differ from other manufacturers in that ours are non-operational (no LED’s etc.). This allows the modeler a choice to purchase a high quality photoetch signal at a much lower cost than that of an operating signal.

Here at PRO TECH, we will continue to offer high quality products at a fair price. If you have any questions about any of our products feel free to give us a call. Thank you for your interest and support because without you “our customer” none of this would be possible.