Items needed - x-acto knife, super glue, tweezers, pin vise          Drill holes in wheel with #69 drill bit at wheel stud locations.

        with #69 drill bit, .025 Evergreen rod, a steel color paint,

        fine tip brush, Pro Tech's PTMC 25 Hex Fittings and PTMC

        72 Tire Valve Stems.





        Next, cut a small length of .025 Evergreen rod                            Paint the end of the .025 rod with a steel color.





        Using a toothpick or piece of fine wire apply a very small            Next, install the .025 rod/hex fitting into one of the holes

        amount of super glue (slow setting works best) just below           previously drilled in wheel.

        the tip of the .025 rod. Next, slide one of Pro Tech's Hex 

        Fittings (PTMC 25) onto the .025 rod and position just 

        below the tip of the .025 rod and let dry.





        Pull .025 rod carefully through wheel seating the  fitting               Next, (from behind) glue .025 rod to back of wheel while

        against wheel surface.                                                                 holding slight tension on rod, let dry fully.





        Cut off excess .025 rod from backside of wheel with x-acto        For good measure apply a small amount of super glue to cut

        knife or small nippers.                                                                 off point to further secure .025 rod to back of wheel. Repeat

                                                                                                          the above steps for the remaining wheel holes.





        It's time to put your Pro Tech Valve Stems on. Either pre-          Finished wheel with Pro Tech's Hex Fittings (PTMC 25)

        paint stem with a flat black acrylic to replicate a factory              and Tire Valve Stems (PTMC 72).

        (rubber) type or leave it in its natural machined aluminum

        state. Using epoxy, glue stem to wheel at desired location.