Pro Tech's Drag Chute Kit (PTMC 8). It comes with drag                           Start by sanding or scraping (with an x-acto knife) the back

                       chute plug (resin part), chute wrap and chute straps. Also                             of the chute plug to be sure it lays flat against the body of

                       step by step instructions.                                                                              the car.








                        For ease of handling and to mount the completed chute                              Cut out the supplied "textured" pattern. Next darken it more

                        pack on the car I put a 3/64 (.047) Evergreen rod in the                            (for a black chute) with a felt tipped pen or paint it any color

                        center of the back of the chute. Drill a corresponding                                  you wish. I also made a cover out of cigarette foil.

                        hole on back of car for mounting.                                                               Bare Metal foil might be another option for a metallic finish.









                       Glue chute wrap onto resin chute plug with white glue                                     Glue the long strap down through the center of the squared

                       starting at line on one of the sides of the chute plug,                                        ears then fold down the pointed ears over the top of that

                       use glue sparingly. Continue to wrap chute plug with chute                              attaching the short straps as you go. This is where you can

                       wrap until you end up where you started and let dry. Next                              also add chute lines that anchor it to the car under one of

                       fold in the squared ears and glue down.                                                           flaps.








                       Here is the completed chute pack ready to be mounted                                    For a little extra detail I added a small wire horseshoe to

                       on your next build.                                                                                          the center of the pack to add a release cable that will come

                                                                                                                                              out of the body of the car.