First find size of braided line needed for line being replicated (oil line, fuel line, etc.)


Next, using a hobby knife roll braided line (approximately 1/4" from end) under knife on a hard surface to strip off the braid from the inner core (the inner core consists of insulation on a copper center core).



























Remove the braid from this inner core (insulation) and slide the inner core (insulation) back onto the copper center core.

The inner core (insulation) will usually come off with the braid (excluding .025 braid which only has a copper center core) during this step.


Next, install two loose fittings for braided line being used and glue them in place at the junction where the braid ends and the hard line begins.  I usually paint my fittings prior to installation but they can be painted after installation if they are accessible.























Paint hard line area with a bright silver paint and let dry.

Bend hard line portion to angle needed (45, 90 degree, etc.).  Next, install one loose fitting onto hard line portion that is one size smaller than used for the braid portion of the line (excluding .025 braid, use same size fittings for both braid and hard line areas).

Next, drill hole (smaller than that noted for braid since line is smaller without the braid wrap) at location where hard line will be installed.










Next, paint hard line area a clear blue or clear red along with the fittings if you have not painted prior to installation.






Install hard line into hole and glue into place.  Slide loose fitting down hard line to mating surface (oil pan, etc.) and glue.