Items needed - super glue (thick/slow setting), white glue,            First, take the photoetch lap buckle that has the round disk

        black craft paper, Pro Tech's 5 Point Racing Harness                  attached and cut the disk off with x-acto knife as shown in

        (PTMC 17), straightedge, sanding stick (fine), x-acto                  picture.

        knife and tweezers.




        Next, using the sanding stick, sand buckle into shape                   Assemble the shoulder harness belts per kit instructions.  An

        shown.                                                                                       alternative to painting the belts in the kit is to use black craft

                                                                                                          paper as used here.




        Next, cut two strips of craft paper (one long, one short) for         Next, glue the short strip (adjuster portion) on top of the

        one of the lap belts. The short one is for the adjuster                    longer strip with white glue, then glue photoetch buckle on

        portion of the belt.                                                                      top with super glue. 




        Assemble the other lap belt. Cut another long strip of craft          Next, glue short section of belt (with buckle) on top of

        paper and attach one of the same buckles as used for the            longer section with white glue.

        shoulder harness ends. Next, cut belt as shown with a short

        section of belt on the buckle end, this will be the adjuster

        portion of belt.




                        Here are both of lap belts completed.                         Vintage funny car seat with converted Pro Tech's 5 Point

                                                                                                          Racing Harness (PTMC 17).